Friday, May 8, 2015

REVIEW: The Clouded Sky by Megan Crewe

The Clouded Sky
When seventeen-year-old Skylar escapes the time-bending Enforcers who secretly control Earth, her troubles have just begun. She and her friend Win take refuge on Win’s home space station with his fellow rebels, but the fate of Skylar’s planet still spins out of her control.

To avoid detection, Skylar poses as the Earthling “pet” of Win’s rival, an arrogant boy named Jule. Homesick and faced with a cool reception from the other rebels, she throws herself into the group’s mission: assembling a weapon to disable Earth’s restrictive time field. Gradually, Skylar’s skill for detail gains respect—even from Jule, who is more vulnerable than he lets on.

Yet challenges spring from every side. Not only must Sky navigate the muddy waters of romance, but suspicions of betrayal grow among the rebels as their work narrowly misses sabotage.

In the latest in Megan Crewe’s Earth & Sky series, can Skylar expose the traitor before time runs out and Earth is destroyed?


I received an ecopy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I loved the first book in this series, so I was excited to read this book! This book was full of surprises and it was absolutely fantastic!

Aliens have been secretly messing with Earth's time field. Skylar, Win, and the rebels have discovered the weapon that will free the Earth and are now heading back to the space station that this race calls home. But Skylar is an Earthling and can't be fully allowed on the station, unless she pretends to be an Earthling "pet". The rebels continue to meet, but they face betrayal and Skylar is determined to find the spy.

I was a bit disappointed at first by the fact that there wasn't really any time travel, but I actually think I like this more than the first book! I feel like I'm getting a better understanding on these people, as horrendous they are towards Earthlings. It was interesting getting this look into things and even though I ended up with more questions, I felt like things got clearer.

There is a new unexpected romance in this book and, oddly enough I was shipping it. I actually really liked this <highlight to view spoiler>which is why I was sad at the end when he was the betrayer. I really wish they could be together<end of spoiler>. It also didn't distract from the plot at all, so that's a plus!

This book has a lot of just planning and plotting, so it may have some middle-book syndrome, but it wasn't dull or boring. The spend of this book really picks up in the end, so much that I'm still reeling from it. It was really intense and, yes, there was a cliffhanger.

This is such a great sci-fi series and this was a great sequel! I admit, I actually like it more than book one! I felt like I learned so much more of the world and characters, and I loved the unexpected romance. There is a cliffhanger that my brain still can't comprehend, so you may want to wait on this one, but I definitely recommend this series!

I hereby give this book
5 Wheels
Meaning: A new favorite!

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