Thursday, May 28, 2015

REVIEW: In Search of Sam by Kristin Butcher

In Search of Sam
Raised by her mother, eighteen-year-old Dani Lancaster only had six weeks to get to know her father, Sam, before he lost his battle with cancer. It was long enough to love him, but not long enough to get to know him especially since Sam didn't even know himself.

Left on the doorstep of an elderly couple when he was just days old, and raised in a series of foster homes, Sam had no idea who his parents were or why they had abandoned him. Dani is determined to find out. With nothing more than an address book, an old letter, and a half-heart pendant to guide her, she heads into B.C.'s Interior to Kamloops, Barriere, Merritt, and finally to a small, forgotten town teeming with secrets and hopefully answers.

I received an ecopy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was a really quick read about a girl's journey of discovering her family and others on the way! This was such a realistic book with a sad, but happy story.

Dani only just met her father, only to have him taken away from cancer. It's a surprise when it's find the her father, Sam, left everything to her. Dani doesn't know what she's going to do with his house, but she flies over to say goodbye and ends up on a hunt to find more about Sam's past. Sam never knew who his parents were, and Dani is determined to found out, but she will be surprised to see what else she'll find along the way.

I got this book from Netgalley, as it looked interesting, only to find out that it was a sequel to a book called The Truths About Sam. This book, apparently, features the weeks that Dani spent with Sam before his death. I was worried that I would be confused, but I dived into this anyway. There are references to the other book and, in the beginning, I was that engaged in the book. I was sad by what happened to Sam, but I didn't know him. Eventually, I become immersed in this book. I loved Dani's journey and I began to know more about Sam through her.

I also felt like this book was about more than just Sam. Sam is a large focal point of the story, but I felt like this book was really about Dani. This is Dani's journey of finding more about Sam's family and her family, but it's also about her just finding her way. The beginning of this book is very sad, obviously, but it's so heart-warming by the end. I don't want to get details, but by the end I was crying tears of happiness.

As for romance, there is no romance whatsoever. This book is purely about Dani's journey and Sam. I actually loved this fact! It made this book so much more realistic!

Overall, I recommend this book! I have not read the first book, but you do not need to read it to understand things, though I want to read it eventually! This book was a really quick read and left me with a happy feeling after the last page. If you want a great book about loss and discovery, this is a great read.
I hereby give this book
4 Wheels
Meaning: It was amazing!

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