Sunday, November 13, 2016

I'm Not Dead

Hello! Long time no see!

It's been a very long time since I posted and, to be perfectly honest, I've been dreading creating this post. But, I have some explaining to do.

During the summer, I was a camp counselor. I spent almost every day watching pre-teens and teens, sometimes from 6:00 am to midnight. So, I didn't get to post. Then, school started. I am a junior in college this year and I just started at a new school. Even though I do not have a job, I seem to be spending a lot of my time on homework and group projects.

I've been having more free time lately, but...I didn't want to post on my blog. I admit, it has been nice not stressing about my blog. I didn't have to worry about the weekly posts, the comments, the reviews, I could spend my time doing other things (like, apparently, playing Sims).

Right now, I'm not in any hurry to write more blog posts, but that's not to say that I'll never blog again. It does feel like I am out of the community right now. I do miss going over my thoughts in book reviews and I haven't added very many new books to my TBR pile recently. Come Christmas break, I may come back to the blogging world, but right now, I just want to destress by playing Sims, writing, and reading books.

Goodbye, for now.