Thursday, April 2, 2015

REVIEW: Beyond Reach by Siobhan Davis


Back on Earth, Ariana is caught in a dangerous crossfire between clandestine rebel organization Clementia and the power-hungry government. Refusing to divulge the location of the secret information entrusted to her by her late father, she desperately tries to bargain for her Mom, Lily, and Cal’s rescue. She’s fighting a losing battle, and the clock is ticking.

Presented with evidence of her fiancĂ© Cal’s apparent betrayal, she loyally defends him despite her concerns. With her emotions in turmoil, matters become even more complicated as she grows closer to her ex-boyfriend Zane.

When the stakes are raised, a succession of shocking revelations rocks her world, setting her on a path that will not only change her destiny but the fate of humanity.

Confronted by a memory so abhorrent comes a truth she would do anything to forget.

But some things just can’t be undone.

I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


So much happens in this book that I really don't know how to feel right now!

Ari is back on Earth with Zane and the rebel organization Clementia. But her family and fiance, Cal, are currently back on Nova and being held hostage. After seeing a video of Cal with the President, Ari is questioning if he has betrayed her, but she can't help but still love him. Then there's Zane, her ex-boyfriend from before her memory was erased. Ari can't help but grow close to Zane.

My synopsis really doesn't really give this book justice. So much happens in this book and I had to leave a lot out because I don't want to ruin the surprise(s). The book begins with Ari's perspective. I had issues with her perspective at first because it was mainly focused on her complicated feelings for Zane and Cal. A lot of stuff about trying to plan how to rescue her family and the Clementia leaders being a-holes also happened, but that was most of it. After that, though, the book picked up pace and introduced so many new surprises and twists! I absolutely loved it!

I loved the different perspectives we saw in this book, much like the last one. I loved when it switched to Zane's perspective and we got an entirely different insight on the events going on and the characters. Different, at least, from Ari. Though, it would have been very interesting to see things from Cal's perspective, but I can definitely understand why that didn't happen.

I looked back at my review for the last book and my only issues seemed to be that I didn't feel like I got enough explanation about the memories and the psychic abilities. I'm glad to say that this book fixed that. Everything was explained and everything added up and make sense!

I did have issues with the romance, but that's not uncommon with books for me. There was actually kind of two love triangles in this book. Ari had one, of course, but I felt like there was one introduced for Zane as well. It actually wasn't the love triangle that bothered me, but I don't like the back-and-forth complicated feelings that come with them.

Overall, this was a really awesome sequel! So much happened in this book and I was very surprised with every page! I felt like everything was explained and I really can't wait for the sequel! My only issue was the complicated feelings Ari had, but that began to disappear as the book went on. If you enjoy great sci-fi dystopias, I do recommend this series.

I hereby give this book
4 Stars!
Meaning: It was amazing!

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