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REVIEW: The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey

The Girl at Midnight (The Girl at Midnight, #1)
For readers of Cassandra Clare's City of Bones and Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone, The Girl at Midnight is the story of a modern girl caught in an ancient war.

Beneath the streets of New York City live the Avicen, an ancient race of people with feathers for hair and magic running through their veins. Age-old enchantments keep them hidden from humans. All but one. Echo is a runaway pickpocket who survives by selling stolen treasures on the black market, and the Avicen are the only family she's ever known.

Echo is clever and daring, and at times she can be brash, but above all else she's fiercely loyal. So when a centuries-old war crests on the borders of her home, she decides it's time to act.

Legend has it that there is a way to end the conflict once and for all: find the Firebird, a mythical entity believed to possess power the likes of which the world has never seen. It will be no easy task, but if life as a thief has taught Echo anything, it's how to hunt down what she wants . . . and how to take it.

But some jobs aren't as straightforward as they seem. And this one might just set the world on fire.

I received an ecopy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was a really amazing fantasy book and a great start to a new series! I did notice some similarities to other book series, but I did really enjoy reading this!

Echo has been, for the past ten years, living with the Avicen (a race of people that have feathers instead of hair), running errands, and getting into all kinds of trouble. Caius is the prince of  the Drakharin (Dragon race), who have been at war with the Avicen for centuries. Caius is desperate to find the Firebird, which is said to be able to end the war. Though, Echo ends up being sent on errands finding various clues for the Firebird and runs into Caius. They become very unlikely allies, along with others that join the odd group, and must search for the Firebird as well as try and escape death from those on both sides of the war.

I heard this book being compared to Daughter of Smoke & Bone and The Mortal Instruments (The synopsis says Shadow and Bone, but I do not see that at all). Both are completely true for this book. I would say that the plot is very similar to Daughter of Smoke and Bone, while the characters are like The Mortal Instruments. 

The characters in this book would probably have to be my favorite! All the characters have their own distinct voices and personalities! Echo is absolutely fantastic! She is full of snark and sarcasm, my favorite things in characters, but she's also very smart and knows how to get out of sticky situations. I also liked Jasper. Those fans of Mortal Instruments will find him similar to Magnus. 

I did have issues with the plot because there were so many things similar to Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Echo was adopted into a magical world, she runs errands, and there's a war between two races of magical creatures. Also, there's other points too that come up as the book went on. And I expected these books just because they happened in Smoke & Bone. I'm not saying that this book ripped Smoke & Bone off, it's purely a coincidence, but this is probably the other reason why I couldn't give it a 5. 

Other than that, there were points that were entirely unique. The races of the two species are entirely unique and it was very interesting. Also, the main plot of this book revolves around all the (amazing) characters trying to find the Firebird, which I have never seen this idea before and was dealt with in such a fantastic manner!

As for romance, there wasn't much, but I see hints of some to come. I do have some ships though!

Yeah, this book was similar to other books, but don't let that stop you! This was still a great read and it was highly entertaining! And the amazing characters make everything even better! Overall, a great start to a new series!

I hereby give this book
4 Wheels
Meaning: It was amazing!

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