Friday, April 24, 2015

REVIEW: Reborn by Jennifer Rush

Reborn (Altered, #3)

An action-packed, romantic, and suspenseful third book in the Altered series.

The Branch is in shambles, but Anna, Sam, Cas, and Nick can't rest easy. Remnants of the organization lurk unseen and the flashbacks to their old lives are only getting stronger--especially Nick's.

Following scattered memories and clues from his Branch file, Nick sets off alone in search of answers and in search of the girl who haunts his dreams. But the sleepy town where she lives in full of secrets and Nick soon learns that uncovering their shared past may have deadly consequences.


I was actually disappointed by this book. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

Nick has been having flashbacks of a past he can't remember. All featuring a girl covered in blood. Nick is wondering who the girl is and if the Branch made him hurt her, or worse, so he heads out to look for her.
Elizabeth is haunted by a kidnapping that happened to her years ago, and ended in the death of her mother. When the boy who rescued her comes to town, she begins to be able to piece together what happened those years ago.

What I liked about this book was seeing more about Nick's character. We didn't really get much about Nick in the previous books, and it was nice being about to see things from his point of view. It was also interesting seeing what happened in his past and how things have affected him. We are also introduced to new characters in this book, especially Elizabeth. Elizabeth is out other perspective in this book. She was okay. I couldn't really connect to her and she was, really, kind of similar to other girls in YA books. Though, I could really tell that her past haunted her and I did find her interest in scents interesting.

To be honest, this book felt unnecessary. It was from a different perspective and it was mostly just served as giving Nick a romance. Yeah, it explained what was happening to Nick in Erased, but I didn't think that warranted an entire book.

My favorite part of this series would be how action-packed and how it's full of surprises. Sadly, this book didn't have much of that. It was very slow-paced for a majority of it. The last few chapters make up for it though!

This book felt more like a novella to me, because of how different it was from the rest of the series. I liked this book and I enjoyed seeing things from Nick's perspective, but it felt unnecessary. If you would like to know more about Nick and come back to this world, then read it. Unless you are a shipper of Anna and Nick (I didn't know that existed until reading the reviews). You would be disappointed by this book.

I hereby give this book
3.5 Wheels
Meaning: I liked it, but I almost loved it

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