Tuesday, April 14, 2015

REVIEW: Reunion by Meg Cabot

Reunion (The Mediator, #3)
Accidents happen. With ghostly consequences, if you're Susannah Simon.

The RLS Angels are out for blood, and only Suze can stop them - since she's the only one who can see them. The four ghostly teenagers died in a terrible car accident, for which they blame Suze's classmate Michael... and they'll stop at nothing until he's joined them in the realm of the dead.

As Suze desperately fends off each attempt on Michael's life, she finds she can relate to the Angels' fury. Because their deaths turn out not to have been accidental at all. And their killer is only too willing to strike again.


This is a very fun series and I very much enjoy reading them! These books are beginning to get darker, but they still have the light-hearted moments.

At the store on day, Suze sees four ghosts of teenagers. It turns out that they were the  RLS Angels, the most popular kids of RLS and died in a terrible accident the previous weekend. When the Angels keep trying to kill one of her classmates, the class geek by the name of Michael, Suze has to get close to Michael. As it turns out, Michael was the other driver in the accident and came out unscaved and the Angels want revenge, but what really happened that night?

Each book in this series focuses on a different ghostly encounter, which I very much like. The whole idea of a girl seeing ghosts isn't really something I haven't seen before, but I still like these books. The whole outlook in this series is more light-hearted, more for younger audiences, which is refreshing. Though, the mysteries in this books are getting more and more dark and I actually really like that!

I did like the mystery in this book involving the Angels. It was a bit predictable, at points, but I did like trying to figure it all out!

As for romance, there isn't really any *frowns*
But, ship ship ship ship SHIP!
I admit, that my favorite part of this series is just shipping Suze and Jesse. Though, there is some more development with them, so there's that.

Overall, a great addition to the series! I am definitely planning on reading more, in fact, I just finished reading the next book! If you want a fun, ghostly series, this is a great series to read!

I hereby give this book
3 Wheels
Meaning: I liked it

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