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REVIEW: The Lovely and the Lost by Page Morgan

The Lovely and the Lost (The Dispossessed, #2)

For readers of Lauren Kate's Fallen series comes the sequel to The Beautiful and the Cursed,The Lovely and the Lost finds the Waverly sisters in mortal danger and able to trust no one.
   Ingrid and Gabby Waverly moved to France expecting a quiet reprieve from London gossip, but the truth they face in their new home has a sharper--and deadlier--sting.
   Paris is plagued by an underworld of demons and gargoyles who all seem to want something from the Waverly girls. Saving Ingrid's twin, Grayson, from the fallen angel Axia nearly killed them. And they're still being hunted--only this time, demons aren't their only predators.
   Ingrid's blood is special: it bestows the power to command gargoyles. It's an ability no other human has, and in the wrong hands, it could be used to send her cursed guardian, Luc, and his fellow Dispossessed to extinction. There are those who will do anything to get Ingrid's blood--and they see no value in human life.
   The Alliance has vowed to protect the Waverlys, and a new gargoyle has been assigned to guard their abbey home alongside Luc. But no one can watch over Ingrid, Gabby, and Grayson all the time--which means the three must learn to fight for themselves.

   Because darkness follows the Waverlys. And sometimes darkness comes in the form you trust the most.


This book takes place shortly after book one. The Waverly's are still living in France, but now about the Dispossessed and The Alliance. Ingrid and Grayson have to come to terms with their mixed blood, as well as their new abilities, trying to find ways to control them. Ingrid is also trying to fight off her attraction to Luc, their dispossessed, as a relationship between them not only is forbidden, but won't work. Gabby on the other hand is trying to train to fight demons and wants to join The Alliance, but they won't take her. But there are secrets that The Alliance is hiding...

It's been awhile since I read the first book, so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to understand what was going on. Thankfully, I was able to jump right into this book and I was honestly surprised by this book! The idea behind this entire series is very unique (I mean, gargoyles!) and I feel like the world was crafted brilliantly. I felt like I was able to get a full understanding on all the paranormal elements, even though I read book one so long ago!

This book is also from multiple perspectives. Ingrid, Grayson, Gabby, Luc, and others all give insight on what's going on as well as what's happening with them. I'm not a fan of third person perspective usually, but I liked seeing all their points of view and it was easy to tell who you were following.

Because of all the characters, there are a few romances to follow. Ingrid is probably the main one, but I wasn't a big fan of hers, since she was kind of in a love triangle. Though, it's kind of obvious who she really likes. Gabby's romance was actually a big surprise for me and I really liked that one!

Overall, this was a great sequel! A lot actually happened in this book, there's no middle-book syndrome here! I already have book 3 on hold at the library so I expect to read it soon!

I hereby give this book
3.5 Stars
Meaning: I liked it, but it wasn't quite amazing.

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