Monday, December 29, 2014

REVIEW: The Sight Seer by Melissa Giorgio

The Sight Seer
Gabi Harkins likes to think she’s a pretty normal sixteen-year-old. She goes to school, suffers though an awful part-time job, and deals with a bratty younger sister. But when a potential shoplifter morphs into a monster right in front of her, Gabi realizes her life is far from normal—especially when that monster follows her home and ends up battling a boy wielding a sword in her backyard.

The boy, Rafe Fitzgerald, is a member of Silver Moon, an organization devoted to eradicating demons before they kill humans. If this little bit of news isn’t earth-shattering enough, Rafe reveals that he needs Gabi’s help. As strong as Rafe is, he does not possess the Sight—a rare ability that allows a hunter to See through a demon’s glamour, enabling them to strike before the demon does. But guess who does?

While Gabi is reluctant to face another demon, she knows she owes Rafe big time for saving her. Together, they’re thrown headfirst into heart-stopping situations as they battle newer and more frightening demons. When she starts to fall for Rafe, Gabi knows her normal life is gone forever.

I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book has an idea that is very common in YA books (a teenage girl being able to see through glamour), but it was executed so well, and I loved it!

The book focuses on Gabi, who runs into a hideous shoplifting monster at work. Later, the same monster followed her home and she sees a boy fighting said monster. Turns out that the boy, Rafe, is a demon hunter and just saved her life, but is surprised to find out that Gabi has the Sight. Gabi is able to see through a demon's glamour, which is very uncommon for those who are not demon hunters. Rafe needs Gabi's help to hunt down demons.

I had issues with Gabi at first. I didn't particularly like her voice and I thought she was a bit immature. It also bothered me how long it took her to put together what was going on. As the book went on, I began to like Gabi and her voice. It still bothered me how long it took her to put things together, though.

As far as romance, I thought it was great! It didn't take up the entire plot and it wasn't an insta-love. Rafe is such a great character and I really like Gabi and his relationship.

The plot, while I've read many books with the general plot, became much more and surprised me. The book became very fact-paced once Gabi and Rafe met, and it was very thrilling!

This was a really great read! I had a few issues in the beginning, but I eventually grew to love both the plot and the characters! I'm definitely continuing the series! In fact, I have an ecopy of the next book waiting for me on my ereader!

I hereby give this book
4 Wheels
Meaning: It was amazing!

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