Friday, February 26, 2016

REVIEW: Beyond the Red by Ava Jae

Beyond the RedAlien queen Kora has a problem as vast as the endless crimson deserts. She’s the first female ruler of her territory in generations, but her people are rioting and call for her violent younger twin brother to take the throne. Despite assassination attempts, a mounting uprising of nomadic human rebels, and pressure to find a mate to help her rule, she’s determined to protect her people from her brother’s would-be tyrannical rule.

Eros is a rebel soldier hated by aliens and human alike for being a half-blood. Yet that doesn’t stop him from defending his people, at least until Kora’s soldiers raze his camp and take him captive. He’s given an ultimatum: be an enslaved bodyguard to Kora, or be executed for his true identity—a secret kept even from him.

When Kora and Eros are framed for the attempted assassination of her betrothed, they flee. Their only chance of survival is to turn themselves in to the high court, where revealing Eros’s secret could mean a swift public execution. But when they uncover a violent plot to end the human insurgency, they must find a way to work together to prevent genocide.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

"Aliens" is a code word to me. If I see the word "aliens" in a synopsis, I'm going to want to read it. This book did not disappoint me! I thought this was a fantastic sci-fi!

Kora is queen of an alien territory, the first female ruler of her territory in awhile. Many of her people are rioting, seeing as unfit to rule, demanding her brother to be on her throne. But her brother is violent and cruel, Kora will never let her brother be on the throne.
Eros is a half-blood, half human and half alien. For all his life he's lived in the deserts, with rebel humans. He's alienated because of his blood, but when alien soldiers raze his camp, he defends it. Only to be taken captive. Now he will either be killed or he will be turned into a bodyguard. But there's knowledge that even he didn't know about his blood that must be kept secret.

This book is from the point of view of both Kora and Eros. I liked seeing everything from both their perspectives and environments, the book wouldn't have worked otherwise. I liked both the characters. Both of them are strong, as their situations demand it, but in their own ways. I also liked how the seemed to grow and change as the book went, as all the crazy was going on.

The world-building in this book was fantastic. I felt like we got to know the culture on the planet, of both the humans and the aliens, though we got to see more of the alien life. I've read a lot of sci-fi books, but this book is different. As far as plot and pacing, this book was very fast-paced and action-packed!

My only main problem with this book is the ending. I felt like the ending was about abrupt and I hope there's a sequel.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book! It had fantastic characters, world-building, plot, and ALIENS! I do kind of wish the ending was more resolved, so I hope there's a sequel in the future.

I hereby give this book
4 Stars!
Meaning: It was amazing!

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