Saturday, February 21, 2015

REVIEW: Sing Sweet Nightingale by Erica Cameron

Sing Sweet Nightingale (The Dream War Saga, #1)

Mariella Teagen hasn't spoken a word in four years.

She pledged her voice to Orane, the man she loves—someone she only sees in her dreams. Each night, she escapes to Paradise, the world Orane created for her, and she sings for him. Mariella never believed she could stay in Paradise longer than a night, but two weeks before her eighteenth birthday, Orane hints that she may be able to stay forever.

Hudson Vincent made a pledge to never fight again.

Calease, the creature who created his dream world, swore that giving up violence would protect Hudson. But when his vow caused the death of his little brother, Hudson turned his grief on Calease and destroyed the dream world. The battle left him with new abilities and disturbing visions of a silent girl in grave danger—Mariella.

Now, Hudson is fighting to save Mariella's life while she fights to give it away. And he must find a way to show her Orane’s true intentions before she is lost to Paradise forever.

I literally had no idea what this book was about, besides the fact that it had something to do with dreams. Now, I am quite thankful for that as this book took me completely by surprise!

Hudson and Mariella have one thing in common: They both dream of Paradise. A dream world in which is absolutely perfect and the only way to live there is to give something up. Hudson gave up fighting.  Mariella gave up her voice. When Hudson runs into a gang that wants revenge on him, Hudson tries to break the rules to protect his 4 year-old brother. He's frozen into place and has to watch his little brother die. Hudson realizes that Paradise is dangerous and is run by demons. He breaks his hold off of Paradise and chases after visions of two girls and fire...
Mariella hasn't spoken in four years. She's in love with Paradise and Orane, the man who lives there. In order to protect Paradise, she has given a vow of silence. When Orane says that soon, Mariella can live there forever, she's ecstatic. But her new neighbor keeps trying to put doubts in her head. And her memory is not the way it used to be...

My favorite aspect of this book is the dream world! The idea of a paradise world that you could be taken to in your dreams is a fantastic idea by itself, but what if it isn't really a paradise? That is the idea that this book brings up and it is so unique and original!

I loved Hudson! I loved how much he loved his younger brother and I hated how much pain Hudson had to go through. What is really great about Hudson is how much he wants to save others from going through what he went through. He travels to a town he has never been to before to save a complete stranger. He's also a really great guy in general and it was amazing how he never gave up on saving Mariella, even when she wouldn't believe what he said.

Mariella, on the other hand, did annoy me, but I can't fault her for it. It bothered me how much she loved Orane and how she would believe him (the demon!) over Hudson. But I can see why. She loves Orane and Hudson is a guy she doesn't really know. Also, she really sees Paradise as a paradise and anyone would want to live in a paradise. I did really feel for her, though. She has given up so much and she has gone through so much without even realizing it.

Another person I would like to mention is K.T. She's a minor character, but she helps Hudson and Mariella so much in the book. She was Mariella's childhood friend and, despite the fact that Mariella doesn't remember her, she helps out. And she does know what is really going on! Her sister also is in a coma, thanks to the demons (if you stay in Paradise, you get in a coma).

This is such a new, amazing book! If you would like to read a book with a unique, dark take on dreamworlds, then you don't want to miss this one! I am definitely planning on reading the next one!

I hereby give this book
4 Wheels
Meaning: It was amazing!


  1. I'm glad you liked reading this one! Dreamworlds are really interesting and I'm always looking for a great one. Thankfully, I have this one on my bookshelf. :) Great review!

  2. Thank you very much, Jessica! I am so glad you enjoyed the book. DEADLY SWEET LIES should be out later this year and I can't wait to share it with everyone! :D