Friday, June 12, 2015

REVIEW: The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

The Princess Diaries (The Princess Diaries, #1)What? A princess??

Me??? Yeah, right.

Mia Thermopolis is pretty sure there's nothing worse than being a five-foot-nine, flat-chested freshman, who also happens to be flunking Algebra.

Is she ever in for a surprise.

First Mom announces that she's dating Mia's Algebra teacher. Then Dad has to go and reveal that he is the crown prince of Genovia. And guess who still doesn't have a date for the Cultural Diversity Dance?

This book is such a hallmark YA book that I felt like it was odd that I haven't read it yet. This book has so many fans, so I had very high expectations. Sadly, I wasn't really that impressed by this book.

I'm pretty sure every knows the plot of this book by now, so there's no need for me to rehash it. Mia is normal, then her dad tells her that she's a princess. Of course, Mia doesn't want to be a princess. I think what really bothered me about this book was just that A. Mia was a bit of a brat B. Not much happened.

Mia spends a majority of the book complaining about how she doesn't want to be a princess. I really don't see why she's so upset by this, she was kind of melodramatic. She doesn't just complain about being a princess, she complains about everything! I swear she complained about her flat-chest every chapter! I guess I can give some props just because it is a diary and those are basically for complaining about things, but she did bother me. I also didn't agree with some of her decisions. Eventually, I was less annoyed by her, but I don' think she really changed that much throughout the book.

Despite all the complaining, I do think that the diary format was interesting. It gave Mia a strong voice, bratty as it may be, and it made the book feel more real. As in, it felt like a
high school freshman was talking. That's another thing that is different for me, I'm used to reading books from girls that are 16 or 17, not just starting high school.

I did like her friendship with Lilly, as well as her friendship with Tina, and all the other supporting characters. In fact, despite my annoyance with Mia, I do think that this was a short, fun little read. The plot and the characters added a very fun factor to the story. And, again, the diary aspect only added to that.

As for romance, there's some, but don't expect a lot!

I'm aware that my review is all over the place, I kind of just dumped all of my thoughts onto this blank space. Overall, I was disappointed by this book. It was mostly just Mia complaining. Despite the fact, I still liked the supporting characters and this was a fun read! I'm meh about this book, but I still plan on reading the rest. I know that Mia will grow throughout the series and I would like to see that. The Mediator series, also by Meg Cabot, was like that. where I adored the last books in the series but wasn't that impressed with the first few. I also would like to ship things.
Also, this book is NOTHING like the movie. A lot of readers are expecting Disney, but this book is not for young people. There is sexual language and what not in this book.

I hereby give this book
2.5 Wheels
Meaning: I almost liked it, but not quite


  1. So are you not going to read the rest of the books? They are merely entertaining reads to me:) I understand why some people would not like them though.

    1. I do plan on continuing! I get the feeling that I will begin to enjoy the books more as I go along :)