Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bookish Rants and Rambles: I Don't Do NA

Bookish Rants and Rambles is basically where I either rant or ramble about something dealing with books.

There has been an explosion of NA (New Adult) books in the blogging world. I've been noticing more and more NA books on blogs I follow and on Stacking the Shelves posts. For those who don't know what NA is, it's a new age genre of books with main characters in their late teens and early twenties, usually in their college years. Most of these book are contemporaries, though there are some dystopian and paranormals out there as well.

Despite the fact that I'm 18 years old and a college student, I have never had the compulsion to pick up an NA book. Now, I would like to read books that take place in a college or from a college student's perspective, but from what I know about NA: They are steamy and I don't do steamy.

First off: There's the covers.
What originally turned me away from NA was the covers. Almost all of them feature two of my least favorite cover tropes: Half naked people and kissing. Some even have both. Not all of the covers are like this anymore, but I'm still hesitant about NA.

From what I heard about NA most of them are contemporaries and most of them have the same exact storyline. Usually the girl is a virgin and possibly has a broken life, meets another broken individual that's probably a bad boy. Not all of them all like this, but this is a common plot. To be honest, the common plot isn't what deters me, it's that almost all of them are contemporary. I like contemporary, but I prefer sci-fi and fantasy. 

Now, the real reason why I just can't do NA: I AM A PRUDE.
I really have no problem with people having sex in books, but from the few NA books I've read, they like to go into detail and the sex takes up the plot. Frankly. going into detail is very very gross to me. I find sex gross in general and cannot deal with books that has a lot of it in it. If it's not detailed, as in, the couple is kissing and then cuts to the next morning, I am fine with it! Actually, that usually means my ship sailed! But I just can't deal with the details.

I had the notice in the beginning of this rambling that I'm not meaning to offend fans of NA. I'm a firm beliver of freedom to read what you want to read. If people like to read NA, that's fine. I'm glad you found books that you enjoy to read! I waited to write this post to explain why I decided not to hop on the NA train.

My question for you: Do you know any books with older characters, technically NA, that are more sci-fi/fantasy? And don't have an atrocious amount of sex?


  1. I've kind of steered clear of NA too, so I definitely agree with some of your points. I hate how they're all basically the same! I'm hoping that sometime soon there will be some science fiction ones that are a bit different.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  2. I don't read NA for the same reason. There's beginning to be more sex in YA and it makes me uncomfortable, even at my age. I guess I'm a prude, too. Haha.