Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cover Clones

I am an extreme bookaholic. And for those of you who don't know, a bookaholic is someone who is addicted to reading books.
Something that is really important to me about books are the covers.
Sure, the story is the most important part but you have to have a decent cover in order for me to pick up the book in the first place.
Which is why I find "Cover Clones" so amusing.
"Cover Clones" are different books by different authors with same or very similar covers.
For example:

These are four different books but all of them have the same girl in a dress.
This is sadly, a very common thing. It's so common that I actually made a list full of them!
And you can find the list here
It turns out that there is a limit to how many books I can add to the list...
So if you know of any god websites where I can create a list like this, let me know.

What Happens When I Get Bored

I get bored very very easily. And when I get bored, I read books. But there are times when I do not have a book with me!!! So what do I do?
I doodle...

What's really sad about this is the fact that it only took me about 20 minutes to complete this...

P.S. I'm sorry if you can't read what it says.