About Me & How I Rate

Hello, everyone! I'm Jessica, also known as The Psychotic Nerd!
I'm 22 years old and addicted to reading books! Suprise, surprise.
I enjoy reading Young Adult books. I read practically any genre within YA.
Dystopian, fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, or contemporary, I like to read them!
I hardly ever venture out of the YA zone, but I will occasionally read Middle Grade and very rarely read Adult books.
Other than reading, here are some other random facts about me:

  • I am a writer, although you won't see any of my writing here!
  • I love dogs! I think dogs make everything better.
  • I'm obsessed with rainbows! It is my favorite color (Yes, rainbow IS a color)
  • I wear striped knee-high socks and Twinkle Toes (those shoes that light up)
  • I'm a vegetarian and practically live on pasta, bread, and Cap'n Crunch.
  • My ultimate dream is to convert a missile silo into an underground library.

There you go! Now you know a bit about me!
Hopefully, I didn't scare you away!


1 Star- Didn't like it

2 Stars- It was okay...

3 Stars- I liked it

4 Stars- Amazing!

5 Stars- I absolutely LOVED this book!

Things you should know:
- I do get very passionate about books.
- I DO NOT mean to offend anyone with my reviews. If I do, please let me know.
- I may go off onto random tangents.
- I generally hide spoilers, but if I accidentally don't, I apologize.
- I try to avoid ranting in my reviews, but I do rant on a few occasions.
-I do use half stars occasionally.


  1. Lol--I've tried to explain to my friends that rainbow is a color "like iridescent...like opal," but they don't get it. Nice to meet you, fellow lover of YA fantasy/paranormal!

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    I hope you're having a great day!

  3. Hello. Carry on

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