Sunday, March 17, 2013

RECENT COVER REVEALS #3 (March 17th 2013)

For the past for weeks I have collected a list of cover reveals!
You have probably seen most of these lovelies already but...
I'm going to show them to you anyway!

Resist (Breathe #2)
Resist (Breathe, #2)

I don't like this as much of the first cover (probably because there's no purple... I like purple)
but I still really like this cover!

These Broken Stars (Starbound #1)
These Broken Stars (These Broken Stars, #1)

I like the stars.
I admit it, I am a BIG fan of books with star covers!

The Unbound (The Archived #2)
The Unbound (The Archived, #2)

Just like how I like star covers, I like it when a cover has a color scheme!
And this certainly has a color scheme!
It also matches the first book!(BONUS POINTS!!!)

Siege and Storm (The Grisha #2)
Siege and Storm (The Grisha, #2)

Yes!!! I love this series' covers!! They're just so different!
Enough said.

Unchosen (The Reaper Diaries)
Unchosen (The Reaper Diaries, #2)

Wow, Molly sure looks older than 12.
Hopefully she'll act older than 12...
(Sorry, not a fan of the first book)

Horde (Razorland #3)
Horde (Razorland, #3)
I have yet to read book 2 but i'm glad that this book matches the other books!
I like series books to match (Write that down, cover designers)

Through the Zombie Glass (White Rabbit Chronicles #2)
Through the Zombie Glass (White Rabbit Chronicles, #2)
Color scheme.
Matchy book cover.
You know the drill.

The Wicked Within (Gods and Monsters #3)
The Wicked Within (Gods & Monsters, #3)
I love the mask! I hate in when I have to wear a mask in real life but in book covers, I LOVE them!

Unbreakable (Legion #1)
Unbreakable (Legion, #1)
Not a big fan of cover. I'm sorry, i'm more of a "pretty cover" type of person...
This does not scream "pretty cover!" it screams "fire!" and "pain!"

Well, that's it for now!
Hopefully, I'll have more next time!

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