Tuesday, May 3, 2016

REVIEW: A Totally Awkward Love Story by Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison

A Totally Awkward Love Story
The summer before college, Hannah swears she’s finally going to find The One. And for five perfect minutes, Hannah does find him. He’s cute and makes her laugh like crazy. She just wishes she’d caught his name, because Toilet Boy Cinderella really lacks sex appeal.

For Sam, the summer is off to a bad start for a million reasons. But for five minutes his luck changes: in a fancy restroom painted purple like it belongs in a Bond villain hideaway, Sam falls head over heels for some strange and hilarious girl. Of course, he doesn’t know her name. With his luck, he’ll never see her again, and he’ll remain a girlfriendless, moony-eyed virgin. Forever.

But another chance meeting brings them together, only to have a chance misunderstanding drive them apart . . . and then the cycle starts all over again. Madcap mishaps, raunchy hilarity, and deep romance follow these two wherever they go. For two people so clearly destined for each other, they sure have a hell of a lot of trouble even getting together.

I kind of just ended up with a copy of this book and decided to give it a try. I didn't really know much about it, just a quick glance at the synopsis, but I was in the mood for a fun contemporary. This book wasn't as fun as I expected. There was a lot more drama and the characters annoyed me, but the book does give a more realistic, and awkward, take on first love.

Hannah and Sam meet each other at a party, in the bathroom. After a witty, and short, conversation, the two are both convinced that the other is the one for them. But neither of them knows the other's name. Of course, their story isn't over yet, after another chance meeting, misunderstandings, and drama, maybe their love story can actually start.

I have some issues with this book, but despite my issues, I must say that this book does have a realistic and honest feel to it. Now, I've never been in love, never really want to be, but I know that first love and love, in general, is not as picture perfect as the movies. First love is awkward and this book shows that (though there may be more misunderstandings and drama than some real-life situations...). The characters are also very awkward and felt like real teenagers, though they did annoy me at times.

I did have trouble with this book though. I felt like a majority of this book was just the two main characters whining about them still being virgins. I myself am a virgin and I'm older than the two of them, but these two are acting like everyone but them has had sex. Yeah, I understand that (most) teens think that, but it still bothered me. I admit that when I was their age, and still, I didn't care about being a virgin because I actually want to stay that way (and not for religious reasons. relationships just don't interest me). So, I couldn't relate to them and they just seemed like a bunch of whiners. Now, while I wasn't a fun of some of this, I do think it's great that this book does touch up on sex. I may not care about it, but, again, I know that it is a topic on a lot of teens minds and having a book that doesn't shy away from it is a good thing. (Yeah, I know I'm sending mix signals here. Sorry about that).

This book also has a lot of drama in it. I guess I figured there would be some, most contemporary books have some, but I didn't expect this much drama. I have such a hard time with drama in books. It's okay when there's some, but sometimes the drama is too much for me. Drama in books always causes me to be frustrated by all of the bad decisions the characters are making. This book really did push that, the characters would seem to be doing okay, but then they would turn around and ruin things. Blah.

Honestly, this just wasn't my kind of book. I like fun contemporaries, but this book was not one. I do not think you should base whether you should pick up this book on my review (you never should). My problems with this book were mostly due to personal preference rather than quality. I don't like drama in books. The story did have "funny" moments, but it was not my kind of humor. The book did feel real in the way it touches on first love and the characters were also real, but I couldn't relate to it. At all. Anyway, this wasn't my cup of tea and I seem to be the black sheep. Bah.

I hereby give this book
2 Stars
Meaning: It was okay

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