Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bookish Rants and Rambles: What I Miss From Days Before Goodreads and Blogs

Bookish Rants and Rambles is basically where I either rant or ramble about something dealing with books.

I love Goodreads and I love reading book blogs. My reading life has changed so dramatically thanks to the two, but there are some things that I miss.

A little backstory, I discovered Goodreads in April of 2012. I discovered Goodreads after Googling books. Every time I finished a book, I would look up the sequel to see when it would come out. More often than not, my Google search would lead me to Goodreads. I would always mark down the release date on my calendar for future reference, but I began to have trouble keeping track (especially when the release dates would sometimes change). One day, when my Google search took me to Goodreads yet again, I noticed that there was a way to keep track of books on the site. Now, I thought that would be a marvelous way to keep track of sequels, so I made an account. My little booknerd brain was blown by how I could keep track of books read, own, want to read, new releases. How I could join a group of nerds, review books, and enter giveaways. It was all so amazing! 

Now 4 years later, I realize that there are things that I miss from those days Before Goodreads. Back then, I read what looked interesting. I didn't have a To-Read list and all of my recommendations came from Yahoo Answers (which were mostly the popular books). I didn't have a long list of new releases I wanted to read, the only new releases I knew about were sequels. Back then I would literally go up to bookshelves, read the synopsis, and take it home. I didn't care what bloggers thought of the book, what the average Goodreads rating was, or if the book was on my To-Read list. I never even heard of the book before going there, I just picked it up.

Now I rarely ever get to do that. I have so many books on my To-Read list that checking out or buying books not on it seems crazy! But I miss how that used to be so simple. I found so many books just by picking it up on a whim.

Do you guys miss being able to do that? Do you still?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Whenever I go to a bookstore, I try to get at least one book I’ve never heard of. By doing that, I’ve found some really awesome books that I’ve never seen on blogs.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!