Tuesday, September 22, 2015

REVIEW: Everything That Makes You by Moriah McStay

Everything That Makes You
One girl. Two stories. Meet Fiona Doyle. The thick ridges of scar tissue on her face are from an accident twelve years ago. Fiona has notebooks full of songs she’s written about her frustrations, her dreams, and about her massive crush on beautiful uber-jock Trent McKinnon. If she can’t even find the courage to look Trent straight in his beautiful blue eyes, she sure isn’t brave enough to play or sing any of her songs in public. But something’s changing in Fiona. She can’t be defined by her scars anymore. 

And what if there hadn’t been an accident? Meet Fi Doyle. Fi is the top-rated female high school lacrosse player in the state, heading straight to Northwestern on a full ride. She’s got more important things to deal with than her best friend Trent McKinnon, who’s been different ever since the kiss. When her luck goes south, even lacrosse can’t define her anymore. When you’ve always been the best at something, one dumb move can screw everything up. Can Fi fight back?

Hasn’t everyone wondered what if? In this daring debut novel, Moriah McStay gives us the rare opportunity to see what might have happened if things were different. Maybe luck determines our paths. But maybe it’s who we are that determines our luck. 

This book was on of my most anticipated releases off the year, so I had high expectations. This book wasn't as groundbreaking as I expected, but I still loved it!

Ever since an accident at the zoo when she was a child, Fiona has had a large scar running across her face. Her scar prevents her from being brave (and trying out for any contact sports). She's too scared to face her crush and too scared for anyone to hear her songs. When an opportunity arises for her to surgically change her face, will she take it?
Then there's Fi. Fi is what Fiona might've been. Fi doesn't have a scar and is a star lacrosse player.She lives for lacrosse and she wishes her only problem was that her best friend might be interested in her.

It's no secret that I love parallel universes. This book isn't as sci-fi as my favorite parallel universe reads, but this book has my favorite factor: What if? This question is what I find so fascinating about parallel worlds. There are so many crossroads throughout our lives and I find it so interesting to wonder how different our lives could be in each one! This book explores this concept in such an amazing way!

One thing I always wonder, especially, if how different I would be if my life went a different direction at one point. It's entirely possible that I could be an entirely different person! That's the case with Fiona and Fi. They're the same girl, but they are completely different. They each have different talents, interests, personalities, and lives. Fiona is a songwriter, Fi loves lacrosse. Fiona is shy, Fi is more outspoken. It's just amazing how different someone could be if lives were led a different direction!

I loved seeing the differences between the two universes, but I also loved seeing how they connected. Fiona/Fi's stories were different, obviously, and their two lives were different, but the surroundings had similarities. One main factor that I loved was how both of them had the same people in their lives somehow. Fiona's best friend was just an annoying class partner to Fi, but there were others who were always there and I liked that. It gives the idea that the same people revolve in all of your lives.

I know I'm raving about this book, so now here comes the part that I wasn't a fan of. This book follows Fiona//Fi for 3 years (last two years of highschool and first year of college. While I liked seeing how their lives went, it was told in a way that we were following their lives. I don't want to say it was uneventful, because there were big moments, but it wasn't enormously exciting. Still liked it, but it's what prevented me from giving this book a 5/5.

Overall, this was an amazing book! I love how the question of "What if?" was addressed and I found the two stories fascinating! This book was a bit slow-going due to the format, but it's still a great read! I strongly recommend it and I look forward to any books Moriah McStay writes in the future!

I hereby give this book
4 Stars
Meaning: It was amazing!

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