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REVIEW: Crossed by Eliza Crewe

Crossed (Soul Eaters, #3)War is here.

Full-scale war has erupted between the Crusaders and demons and even Chi has to admit isn’t going well. Like any sensible rat, Meda’s eager to abandon the sinking ship but, unfortunately, her friends aren't nearly as pragmatic. Instead, Meda’s forced to try to keep them all alive until the dust settles.

As the Crusaders take more and more drastic measures, the tables turn and Meda suddenly finds herself in the role of voice of sanity. No one is more horrified than she is. When old enemies reappear as new allies and old friends become new enemies Meda has to decide—again—whose side she’s really on.

And then the Crusaders decide that Meda should go to Hell. Literally.

Can’t a monster ever catch a break? 

NOTICE: This is the third book of a series. See my review for book one here and my review for book two here.

I remember loving the previous books in the series. For some reason, it took me four years to get to this book. I was worried that my memory would fail me (as my memory can be terrible) and I would find that my tastes have changed. Thankfully, I didn't have any issues getting into this book. This book didn't get a full five stars like the last two books, but I can still say this is a great series.

War has broken out between the Crusaders and the demons, and the demons are winning. Countless Crusaders are dying and they're getting desperate. While Meda would love to leave and take her friends with her, her friends' loyalty to the Crusaders prevents her from doing that. The Crusaders, though, have a plan for Meda (one she definitely doesn't agree with) and worse still, Jo seems to be willing to do anything. Now, Meda will have to literally go to Hell.

Meda has such a strong voice in this book, and in the whole series. She is certainly different than other MCs. Her way of thinking is so different than what is considered "normal". She has a morbid sense of humor, she relishes in killing, and doesn't feel bad about thinking for herself. At the same time, she has loyalty towards her friends, especially Jo. While I don't remember everything from the last two books, I can tell that Meda has changed a lot since book one. She has very different feelings towards humans, yet she still feels very Meda.

While book two focused a lot of Meda, Jo felt like a stand-out character in this book. It's difficult to explain what Jo does without spoiling things, but in Jo's desperation to help the Crusaders, she undergoes a personality change. Again, since my memories are vague on details in the last books, I don't know how much her personality changed, but enough that it makes it difficult. Friendship is such a big deal in this book, and in the whole series. Very rarely do I see YA book focus on friendship rather than romance and this book does such a great job of it. As odd and dark as the story gets, Jo and Meda's friendship feels real. I also like how they don't take crap from each other and understand each other's sense of humor.

The ending of the book did confuse me. I wasn't really sure how things were resolved. Maybe that's because I didn't quite understand how the demons worked, that information must have been lost from my memory. I did like how the climactic moment, while about saving/destroying the world, was also about Jo and Meda.


Overall, this is a fantastic series! I wish I would've read this final book earlier when things were still fresh in my mind, but I'm glad I picked up the series in the first place! The series has really interesting ideas and really interesting characters, with morid humor, but I overall loved the focus on friendship!

I hereby give this book
4 Stars!
Meaning: I really liked this book!

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