Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Joining The Backlist Reader Challenge 2019!

Hello, hello! I decided to join The Backlist Reader Challenge 2019! In the challenge, I'm supposed to read books that came out before 2018 (and have been on my to-read list since before the start of 2018). I had already joined the Cleaning Out the TBR Closet 2019 Challenge on Goodreads, but I haven't been writing reviews for the books I've been reading. I've found that my own reviews are really helpful in determining whether to continue reading a series or an author. In the Goodreads challenge I am reading books I added to my TBR between 2012-2016, which means reviewing is very important because my tastes have changed! I want to focus on the same years, but I really want to dwindle my 2012 and 2013 TBR piles.

Here are the numbers for the piles at the time of writing this post:
2012: 102 books
2013: 172 books
2014: 265 books
2015: 295 books
2016: 295 books

Obviously, I will not be reading all of these books! I mainly want to cut down the 2012 list in half (or more) and get the other lists down a little bit. Some of this will be reading books, maybe even dnfing them, and taking some off of my TBR altogether!

Because I like to keep organized, I will be periodically updating this post.

Read and Reviewed


Read and Reviewed

Read and Reviewed

Read and Reviewed

Read and Not Reviewed

Read and Reviewed

Read and Not Reviewed

Feel free to join in this challenge if you're interested!


  1. I am curious about what you thought of BETWEEN. I read THE LAST GOOD DAY OF THE YEAR in September and LOVEDDDDD it. It made me curious what her other books were like.

    1. I second this! I own a copy of Between but I'm yet to get to it, curious to see your thoughts!

    2. I'll definitely have to get a review up for that one!