Thursday, March 21, 2019

Cover vs Cover: Hold Still by Nina LaCour

This week's pick is...

Hold Still VS.  Hold Still  VS.42815543
Hardcover                Original Paperback                 New Paperback
I actually already did a cover vs cover post for this book, but a new cover came out recently, so I'm doing it again! Last time I had a hard time choosing because the Hardcover seems to reflect the theme of grief and includes doodles and notes behind the girl, which is important to the plot. The blue Paperback cover won though because it was more ascetically pleasing. Now, for the new cover, I really like the hand-drawn aesthetic and the fact that it matches We Are Okay. I feel like it matches the book more than the blue cover, with the drawn quality and the two girls shown on the cover.  I'm not really a fan of the salmon color, though, and I'm not sure if it shows the grief that is a big theme in this book (it is about a girl dealing with her friend's suicide and reading her friend's journal). Although, if I look closely the two shadows become only one. Maybe it is intentional? To be honest, I still like the Original Paperback more. I just don't like that salmon color.
 Final Verdict: Original Paperback
Do you agree? Give me your thoughts on which cover is the best!

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