Monday, July 11, 2016

Explanations, Excuses, and Apologies

Hello! Long time no see! You may or may not have noticed that I've been kind of, well, gone lately. I haven't posted as many reviews, commented on very many blogs, or even read as many books. I'm sorry about the lack of posting and I'm sorry if I didn't comment on your blog recently (though I have read your posts, just a few weeks late. I've been horrible at checking email). There is a reason for this, I got a job. At least, for the summer.

At the beginning of June, I started working at the Cosmosphere, a space museum an hour away from where I live. I'm working as a camp counselor for their space camps. All the counselors live in the community college dorms (without having to pay) as well as having most meals provided for them, so it's a pretty good deal. It also has it's fun moments.

But I've been very busy. I work different camps one after another and, oftentimes, I work twelve hours a day. I've never really had a job that took up this much time, and while I do have some free time, that's mostly spent trying to read or taking a nap. I've never really understood how bloggers are able to have full-time jobs, children, read lots of books, and blog daily. I have a great appreciation for them.

As of now, I have two weeks left of work. Then I'll be moving into by new apartment and starting my junior year of college in a new school. At the end of July, I'll get to start getting back into blogging mood.

Until then, it's back to work!

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  1. That sounds like a very cool job! Though a very exhausting one.