Thursday, December 17, 2015

The One Where I Join Too Many Reading Challenges!

So, I love reading challenges. I've never really done any blogging ones, though, just ones on Goodreads. Like most of us booknerds, I have a massive TBR pile and I have a hard time deciding what to read next, so joining challenges makes it easier. So, I decided to look into a few, and I ended up joining too many!!

So I decided to create one book huge post featuring all of the challenges I'll be joining for the new year! And feel free to join any of these if you're interested! (Just click the challenges pictures to get more info and join!)

That Artsy Reader Girl

A few weeks ago, there was a Top Ten Tuesday featuring 2016 debuts and since then, I've been really excited! I discovered so many new books thanks to that Top Ten! Now, I listed a few of the books I'm MOST looking forward to, but not all of them! If 2016 is anything like previous years, I won't be able to read all of the new releases I want to read! Also, there are so many that don't have covers yet or that I haven't even heard of! So, I don't really have a specific number goal for this one, I just want to read the lovelies!

A Few Possibilities:

I so need this challenge. My book buying problem has gotten out of hand. According to Goodreads, I own 244 books that I haven't (not including ebooks, but I'll be joining an entirely different challenge for that!). For this one, I aim to read at least 5 a month, though I hope for more. I also would like the books I read to be books purchased in 2015 or earlier, because I own so many books already that I need to read!

A Few Possibilities:
And that's just a small portion of them...

I used to not enjoy contemporary books, but I've been reading a lot more of them lately! Sometimes I just need some fun, fluffy, and just 'real' books to read.
GOAL: Grand Slam: read 21+ books

A Few Possibilities:

A combination of books I own, 2016 releases, and just books I've been meaning to read!
I also really want to reread this series:

This is definitely a necessary challenge for me! I always seem to somehow forget about series and before you know it, it's been years since I've read the first book. So, yeah, definitely signing up for this one.
GOAL:l Level 4: 7+ series

A Few Possibilities:
(I'm listing the ones within the series that I've read as well)

Within all of these series, I've only read the first book...

Yeah, I joined way too many challenges and posted a lot of books to read. I hope to stick to these challenges and read many of these books. Most likely, I won't read all of these or read different books. Also, a lot of these challenges make you post a review in order for the book to count and I don't review every book I read. But I'm actually getting very excited to start these challenges!

What challenges are you doing?

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