Monday, November 16, 2015


Ello! Today marks the day of #TheShelfieHop, where various book bloggers will be showing off their book shelves!

Before I fully start, I want to include a throwback picture.
Well, this is "The National Library of Jessica"
Not all of these books are mine (some are my brother's) and there are quite a few books from my elementary days (*cough**cough* Warriors)
But it is still my library!
I don't know the exact number of books pictured in this photo, but I now own 1147 books (not including books I have multiple copies of)

As of now, I am running out of space for books. My bedroom is entirely full of books (some of which are blocking the window. Yes, I'm aware of the fire hazard), Shusterman-Zusak have been moved to the basement, and then there's the 241 books I have yet to read.
Let's start with the bedroom!
(please excuse some of the messy)
A closer look
These are all books I've read. All of these are organized by the author's last name. I've tried other ways before (color, genre, etc.), but the other ways either made my OCD go insane (color. I couldn't stand separating series) or just too gosh darn difficult (id Percy Jackson paranormal? Or do I have to make a whole other area for mythology?). These books end with Shusterman, which continues to the basement...
Doesn't this make you sad? I hate having to put my books in what's essentially a storage room, but alas, I can't stop buying more books. This is basically the overflow case. Any books that are supposed to be upstairs but no longer have room for go into this case.
Also in the basement, half of the books I haven't read yet! Obviously, I was able to organize these by color! See, I was able to do that because in the books I haven't read, I'm usually not separating any series. And if I do, it's not a big deal because I'm always adding and removing books.
Now, the other half, is at my apartment!
Because I'm in college, I live in a college apartment most of the year. These are the books I get to choose from while I'm there. Again, they're all books I haven't read yet and also organized by color (if you exclude those on top. Those on top are the ones that I'm planning to read soon).

So, those are all of my shelves! Now it's your turn! Show me your bookshelves!
Also, check out all the other bookshelves featured on this hop!


  1. Hehehe, I love that you included a throwback picture. It certainly gave a big picture of how much your library has grown. It is beautiful!

    Jenn at Books and Swoons.

  2. Wow, your shelves are beautiful:) It's always fun looking at bookshelfXD I only have one, but man has it changed over the past two years:D

  3. So many shelves!! I love your collection and how much it's grown. Amazing! You are SO ORGANIZED!

  4. Oh my, books! You have a great collection. Love that you included a before photo, that almost makes me wish I had some so I can compare my shelves.

    Dreams @ Once Upon A Dream Books

  5. Love it! I cannot beliiiieve the number of books you own ... madness! And to have read, like, 800 of them?! Amazing!

    I enjoyed picking out some of my faves amongst your shelves. Gone! Stephanie Perkins! Percy!

    I totally 100% agree with you that alphabetical is the only way. Splitting series would kill me, and genre is far too much of a stress. I go all-out alphabetical, both read and unread together. But your colour ordered shelf is lovely!