Monday, September 21, 2015

REVIEW: A Sky Unbroken by Megan Crewe

A Sky Unbroken (Earth & Sky, #3)The rebels have been disbanded, their plans ruined. Betrayed by those she trusted most, Skylar finds herself herded, along with a small group of Earthlings, into a living museum—a human zoo—on the Kemyates’ space station, subject to her captors’ every whim. Any move Skylar makes could result in the extinction of her people—but giving in means losing any hope of freedom.

Meanwhile, Win returns home and evades punishment by pretending to be loyal to Kemya. But he can’t bear knowing that Skylar is imprisoned or watch his fellow Kemyates swallow the Council’s lies about Earth. He must bring the truth to the Kemyate public and see the Earthlings freed—even if it means openly challenging his world’s rulers.

In this final book of the action-packed Earth & Sky trilogy, neither Skylar nor Win knows they are about to uncover an even deeper conspiracy—one that could push the future they’re fighting for completely out of reach.


I received an ecopy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Yet another great sci-fi series comes to a close. I absolutely adore this series and after that cliffhanger in the last book, I was more than ready to pick this one up! I am glad to say that this was a fantastic conclusion and did not disappoint.

Skylar had been betrayed by someone close, and even worse, the entire rebellion has been betrayed. Their plans have failed and Earth has been destroyed. And the rebels are being blamed for the destruction. Skylar and a few others are the sole remaining humans left and are being kept either in human zoos or as pets. Any wrong move and all of them will go extinct. At the same time, Win, and what's left of the rebellion, are trying to get the Kemyates to believe what truly happened to Earth, as well as understand that humans are not so different than Kemyates.

This book wasn't fast-paced, for the most part, but I felt like so many things of importance happened. Also, I still couldn't help but kept turning the pages! I wanted to see how they would be able to get out of these horrible situations. And while it wasn't incredibly fast-paced, there was definitely a lot going on in this book!

There is another thing that I love about this series, an odd thing, which is how different the settings and overall tone of the books are. For example, the first book took place on Earth and had a large focus on time travel, the second was sent on the station with Skylar as a pet, and the third was still on the station, but half of it was spent in a human zoo.

I felt that this book was hugely focused on the rebellion, even more so than the last book. I think one of the big reasons we see this as suc a huge part is because we actually get to see two rebellions from both sides. Yep, this book has dual perspective. We get to see Skylar and her fellows humans trying to prove to their captors that they are just as intelligent as the Kemyates and we see Win trying to convince his people of the same thing, in a different way. I loved the dual perspective and I also liked how the rebellion wasn't an all-out war like most dystopian novels.

And yes, there is a romance in this book. And yes, it's great. And no, it doesn't take over the book.

So, I have to stop myself here because I think I'm basically just going on and on about how I love this series. I would love to say more, but my reviews don't generally have that many paragraphs. Anyway, this is a fantastic series and I think this was a great conclusion. I've had so many great series end recently and I'm sad to say goodbye to another so quickly, but I'm glad that I decided to pick this series up. I've yet to read Mega Crewe's other books, so I'll just have to pick those up now!

I hereby give this book
5 Stars
Meaning: A new favorite!

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