Wednesday, March 25, 2015

REVIEW: Sleep No More by Aprilynne Pike

Sleep No More (Charlotte Westing Chronicles, #1)
Oracles see the future but are never supposed to interfere. Charlotte learned that the hard way. If she hadn't tried to change one of her childhood visions, her father would still be alive. Since the accident, Charlotte has suppressed her visions to avoid making the same mistake. But when she receives a premonition of a classmate's murder, she can no longer ignore her powerful gift.

Then Charlotte meets someone who not only knows her secret but who also has a way for her to stop the killer. He offers to teach her how to manipulate her visions to change the future. But doing so will put Charlotte in the path of the murderer.…

Aprilynne Pike's bestselling Wings series was called "remarkable" by Stephenie Meyer, bestselling author of the Twilight Saga. And her most recent novel, Life After Theft, was cheered as a "whirlwind adventure" by School Library Journal. Now Aprilynne returns with this exhilarating departure from her previous novels. Sleep No More is a psychological thrill ride that is sure to keep readers' hearts racing until the very end.

Ever since Charlotte was three years old, she has had visions of the future. It was at that moment that her Aunt began to train her on how to be an Oracle. Then, at six, Charlotte tried to change the future, which ended up with the death of her father and her mother in a wheelchair. After that, Charlotte learned the lesson that she cannot change the future. For ten years she completely blocks out all visions, until one day a vision becomes so strong that she cannot block it. She ends up getting a vision of a murder of one of her classmates. How can she possibly not try and change this? Especially when the murders don't stop...

I was kind of iffy about this book at first just because it was compared to Wake, which was a book I read many years ago and absolutely hated it. Sorry, Wake fans. Thankfully, this was nothing like that book. This book reminded me more of Slide by Jill Hathaway. This book is mainly a thriller at heart, but it has a very unique touch of paranormal. There's the whole Oracle aspect and the visions involved, which are interesting by itself. There was also a whole bunch of other very interesting and unique abilities that Charlotte was able to unlock further along in the book. In fact, this book gets so much more hardcore, dark, and very very different as the book goes on. Can't really explain why, due to spoilers, but it was very interesting.

Charlotte's not really an abnormal main character. She's much like many other heroines. She's not enormously admirable, but she's not annoying. She's just a girl with a very interesting ability that instead of being a blessing, it's more of a curse, and she wishes she could be normal. The character in this book that really did annoy me is her Aunt. I don't dislike her, I just disliked how she withheld information from Charlotte, saying she was too young. Really, Charlotte has to live with this ability, she needs to know the dangers. If her Aunt were to only tell her these things, she could have saved Charlotte from many many things that happened in this book.

I found the unique thriller-esque way very interesting, but it did get a bit confusing at the end. It was mostly because so much was happening at the end, that there was an overload in my brain. Other than that, this book does have surprising twists to it, though some parts of it were predictable.

Overall, an interesting way to combine thriller and paranormal. The main reason why I only gave this a three is just that this book is very similar to other thrillers I've read, even though the whole Oracle aspect is very new. If you enjoy thrillers with a touch of paranormal, I do recommend this book!

I hereby give this book
3 Wheels
Meaning: I liked it

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