Monday, March 16, 2015

REVIEW: Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen

Keeping the Moon

Never underestimate the power of friendship.

When Colie goes to spend the summer at the beach, she doesn't expect much.

But Colie didn't count on meeting Morgan and Isabel.

Through them, she learns what true friendship is all about, and finally starts to realize her potential.

And that just might open the door to her first chance at love...

I've read almost all of Sarah Dessen's books and, I most say, her books are absolutely brilliant. This isn't my favorite of hers, but this was still a very good book.

This book focuses on Colie. Both Colie and her mom used to be fat, until her mom becomes Kiki Sparks, fitness guru. Now both Colie and her mom are skinny and Kiki Sparks is famous for getting people fit! Kiki has to go on tour, so Colie is left with her electric aunt in a small beach town for the summer. In the course of one summer, Colie will learn how to be someone other than the daughter of Kiki Sparks.

I think Sarah Dessen's book are entirely mislabeled. Sarah Dessen seems to be known as a romance writer, but I never see her books are romance. Her books are all coming-of-age stories and they are just so amazing. Colie changes so much throughout this book! Colie is still haunted by her past, with bullies, both before the Fat Years and after. It was amazing to see the change in her! This book is also a great friendship book! It doesn't seem like it would be at first, as when Colie first meets Morgan and Isabel, they don't really hit it off. But it actually turns into a nice little friendship which helps Colie become more confident in herself.

There is a little romance in this book, but in Sarah Dessen style, it doesn't truly happen until the very end. Still, from the beginning it is very obvious who the love interest is. He's such a great character and has a wonderful personality! Also, he's an "art freak" and, as an art freak myself, I just love seeing fellow artists in books!

This was a really quick read and it left me with a really good feeling after finishing it! If you love contemporary books, Sarah Dessen, you just want a pick me up, this is a good read for you!

I hereby give this book
4 Wheels
Meaning: It was amazing!

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