Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 in Review!

I know this is a little bit late, but I didn't think about doing this until New Years Eve. Many bloggers are doing a end of the year survey from The Perpetual Pageturner, which is fine, but I looked at the questions and I just know that I will have a hard time answering them. Best Book You Read In 2014? Favorite new author you discovered in 2014? Favorite cover of a book you read in 2014? Just one?! I have a hard time picking favorites! That's why my favorite color is rainbow! So, I decided to make up my own Year in Review!

What Happened
While my love is reading, I did do other things this year.
  1. I graduated High School! Yep. I was officially done with High School in May 2014! 
  2. Started college. I actually started going to college during High School, which was still 2014. I had only 2 classes for my 2nd semester, so I took college classes at my local community college. Then, in August I started full-time school there, same community college but different location. The school I go to now if about a half an hour from home and I do live onsite. I figured it's babysteps. I'm used to depending on my parents, so I wanted to become a bit independent, but still be able to easily ask my parents for help. I will be eventually going to a school further away. Anyway, I live in The Villas which is like a dorm, but we each get our own bedroom and bathroom! We still get a roommate, but my roommate is pretty cool :)
  3. May was a busy month for me! The day before my graduation, I went to a Marissa Meyer signing! This was an AMAZING experience for me as Marissa Meyer is definitely one of my top ten favorite authors!
  4. RT!!! I went to the RT Booklovers Convention, again, in May. It was my graduation present and we left the day after graduation on to New Orleans! I had such a blast! I got more than 50 of my books from home signed and I got 50 more free books! It was so lovely meeting all of these authors and we have already started planning for next year!
  5. I started writing a book! My Mom and I are writing a book together and we're making pretty good progress! We're not done yet, but it's going along pretty nicely!

(Photo above not entirely accurate.)
Number of Books Read: 387 (Not counting rereads)
Number of Pages: 125,328 (Not counting rereads)
Number of Rereads: 26
DNF: 4

Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic 96
Contemporary 84
Paranormal 50
Fantasy 36
Historical 30

This might not be entirely accurate, especially the Paranormal. I don't actually have a shelf on Gooreads for that genre. Nevertheless, it doesn't surprise me that I'm still a sucker for dystopians.
Some fabulous Dystopian books I read last year:

Harper Collins 67
Indie 66
Simon and Schuster 40
Penguin 33
Macmillian 25
Little Brown 19
Harlequin Teen 16
Disney-Hyperion 15
Bloomsbury 12
Random House 12
Scholastic 9
EgmontUSA 6
Skyscape 6
Entangled Teen 5
Flux 5
Strange Chemistry 5
Alloy Entertainment 4
Candlewick Press 3
Kensington 3
Amulet 2
Other 2
Carolrhoda Lab 2
Arthur A. Levine 2
Phoenix Reign 2
Spencer Hill Press 2
Spourcebooks Fire 2
47 North 2
Chicken House 1
Chronicle 1
Diversion 1
Dundurn 1
Quirk 1
Pyr 1
Shadow Mountain 1
Sky Pony Press 1
Surprise, surprise. Harper is my most read publisher. I watch so much TeaTime that I'm always adding Harper titles to my To-Read pile. I also swear that they have some the most amazing covers. I'm more surprised by how close Indie books are to beating Harper out.
Some fabulous Harper books I read last year:

Where I Got the Books From
Library 162
Bought 101
Ebook Lending Site 31
For Review 28
Freebie 24
From RT 24
Won 10
Read on Pulseit 6
This is based on how I was able to read the book. I eventually might've bought or won some of these, but originally read them another way.
Some fabulous library books I read last year:

Buying Books
Total books bought: 282
Book Sales 123
Bookaholic 64
Half Price Books 37
Amazon 29
Barnes & Noble 22
The Book Grinder 2
Other 2
From RT 2
Watermark 1

*awkward laughter* I have some problems. In my defense, most of these are cheap books. At the book sales there were 3 books for $1, a bag for $10, and books at $0.50-$1. Bookaholic, The Book Grinder, Half Price Books, and anything listed as other are all used book stores. But, yeah, I still have a problem.
Some fabulous book sale books I read last year:

Yeah, I haven't actually read all of my book sale books yet. Actually, I've read quite a few, but I already read them previous years before buying them.

Other Fabulous Books Worth Mentioning

 I started my blog in 2012 out of complete boredom. I didn't understand the work it takes to create a blog, so The Psychotic Nerd just sat there collecting dust. As part of my 2014 news years resolution, I decided to revive my blog. I'm glad to say that I kept up that resolution and I am very much in love with my blog now! 
Bloglovin' Followers: 142
GFC Followers: 136
Email Subscribers: 33

I have no idea how many exact followers I had at the beginning of 2014, but it was in the 20's. To think that I now have over 100 followers? I'm amazed at how much my blog has changed!
Along with that, I have posted 372 blog posts! 86 were book reviews, 24 were short & simple reviews (another 48 reviews).
In 2013, I had only 84 blog posts (less than the amount of reviews in 2014!) and only 11 reviews.
So much has changed in just a year!

So, I'm going to keep this trend going in this new year!
Things I should do:
  • Buy less books. Seriously. I love buying books, but 282?????
  • Keep up the good work! I'm proud of my blog right now and I should keep at it!
  • Comment more and be more social online.
  • Try to finish those series I've already started.
  • Read some great books!
Anyway, there goes my extremely factual Year in Review! I hope you guys have a great 2015!


  1. Wow! You had a great reading year! Congrats on graduating high school!

  2. Also, I LOVED Prom and Prejudice; I thought it was so cute!

  3. Wow 387 books is quite an effort! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed A Thousand Pieces of You and Infinite - I'm hoping to read those both soon.
    I really love the cover for Poison, and added it to my TBR on Goodreads for that reason, so I'm happy to see it's a good book too!
    Congratulations on a great year :)