Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cover vs. Cover: Paper Towns by John Green

This week's pick is...

Paper Towns VS.  Paper Towns
Hardcover                      Paperback
I can see where they were going with the Hardcover. I mean, it has Margo on it. And I do like the colors, but, honestly, it's just a face. But the Paperback is much more exciting! I love the map, the giant pin in focus, and even how the title looks as if it's on the map! It's much more interesting and I would be more likely to pick that one up!

Final Verdict: Paperback
Do you agree? Give me your thoughts on which cover is the best!


  1. I prefer the paperback too! It fits the book much better than the one with the face on it.

  2. Definitely the paperback! The paperback is much more interesting!

  3. Yeah, paperback. As for the hardcover, not everyone imagines characters the same way. (:

  4. I like the paperback better too. The hardcover is just so...boring. :/

  5. I definitely prefer the paperback as well :)