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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Book Cover Trends I Like/Dislike

Hosted each week by The Broke and the Bookish, it's a meme for listing the top ten for everything bookish.
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I ashamed of this, but I actually do judge books by their covers. There are just certain factors that will cause me to either pick up the book or avoid the book all together.
P.S. This post is kind of a mess. I try to use examples for the cover trends, but I use different ways. Sometimes I use books I've read or want to read, at times I just use examples that help prove my point. Just please bear with me.

I Shall Avoid
A place for the type of covers that I tend to avoid. I will occasionally pick up books with these trends on the cover if either A. people are raving about it or B. It's part of a series I already started.

 1. Kissing
I feel embarrassed reading a book with kissing on the cover. I just feel that people will judge me for reading what is obviously a romance. And, call me a prude, but I don't really like seeing pictures of people kissing. I always feel that I'm seeing a private moment.
Some books that I picked/will pick up anyway:

2. Shirtless Dudes (or Partially Shirtless Dudes)
Same as the Kissing covers, I'm embarrassed by covers with shirtless dudes.
Some books that I picked anyway:

3. Half Naked People in General
This is why I avoid New Adult books. Practically every New Adult book has half naked people on them (oftentimes kissing). One reason as to why I avoid these is, again, that they embarrass me. Another is that when I see bookcover with these half naked people on them, I assume that the book is basically about the couple's sex life, which is something that I do not want to read.
I do not have any of these books on my list, since I avoid them like the plague, so just trust me on this one.

4. Badly Photoshopped
If it is obvious (And I mean really obvious. Awkward cutting and paste, strange lightning and shadows, just plain bad) that the cover was photoshopped, I will probably not read it.
I just feel that if someone didn't want to work hard enough on the cover for the book then what will the book be like.
I'm not putting any examples for this one. That would be rude.

5. Cover Clones
Cover clones are what I call different books with the same covers. Basically, covers that use stock photos. The reason why this bothers me is that this covers multiple books to look the same.
Don't believe me? Here's a very popular one;

And I bet there's other book covers with the same girl.
And to be honest, I will occasionally pick up books with cover clones, but I tend to start avoiding the books if I see that particular clone too often.

I Shall Pick Up
It's hard for me to say what cover trends I like. I like a lot of covers, but I oftentimes just think "that is pretty" and decide to read it.
6. Interesting Typography
I don't know why, but I like book covers that have a bigger focus on the typography and, of course, interesting typography.
Some books that I picked/will pick up:

7. Outer Space
To me, outer space is beautiful, and if a cover features outer space in any way, I am usually interested.
Some books that I picked up:

7. Cool Colors
When it comes to book covers, I prefer cool colors (Blues, greens. pinks, and purples) over warms colors (reds, oranges, and yellows). I'm not sure why, but I find books with cool colors more beautiful (most of the time).
Some books that I picked up (I already listed a bunch of cool colored covers, so this one is short):

8. Bright Colors
I don't know how else to explain this, but I like colors with bright splashes of color.
Some books that I picked/will pick up:

9. Pretty Dresses
I'm ashamed of this, but I  actually like the pretty dress trend...
Some books that I picked up:

10. Falling Apart
Covers that feature something (usually a person) falling apart.
This one is harder for me to find for some reason, but it is something that I love in a cover.
Some books that I picked up:

This was very hard! The first 5 very easy, but It's always hard for me to define the trends or styles of covers that I like. Like I said, I like beautiful, stunning, pretty covers. Since it was hard to define categories that the covers I like fall into, I missed a lot of my favorite covers.

What kind of covers do you Like/Dislike?

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