Sunday, June 1, 2014


Apparently, last month was the month of hideous cover changes!
I have already counted  4 covers that are different than the rest of the series! Yipee.
On the other side of things, there are also some gorgeous new covers!

Gates of Thread and Stone (Gates of Thread and Stone #1)
Gates of Thread and Stone (Gates of Thread and Stone #1) by Lori M. Lee
I love this cover! I love how the text is organized, the dark tone to the cover, and the lighting both in and going through the text!

Burning Kingdoms (Internment Chronicles #2)
Burning Kingdoms (Internment Chronicles, #2) by Lauren DeStefano
Blah! Just what were they thinking?
First, these doesn't match the previous cover at all
(though they did change it to match this one and ARG! It sucks!)
Secondly, THIS IS BORING! It's a frexing statue breaking apart. YAWN

Waterfall (Teardrop #2)
Waterfall (Teardrop #2) by Lauren Kate
Another cover change.
It's not bad, but it's just a face and I kind of prefered the other covers with the liquid dresses.

Lark Ascending (Skylark #3)
Lark Ascending (Skylark, #3) by Meagan Spooner
What am I looking at?
I see an ocean, but I also see some weird rust and lightning(?) on top of the ocean.
Seriously, what is this?

Dead of Winter (Arcana Chronicles #3)
Dead of Winter (The Arcana Chronicles, #3) by Kresley Cole
Meh. I like this better than the models, but it's not much of an improvement.

Opposition (Lux #5)
Opposition (Lux, #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Secondly. I hate this cover change. The fact that he's not wearing a shirt (same with the other cover changes, just with a girl) and the blue background just gives me a feeling that the characters enjoy swimming.

Whiser the Dead (Lovegrove Legacy #2)
Whisper the Dead (The Lovegrove Legacy #2) by Alyxandra Harvey
I have no complaints on this cover.
It matches the other book in the series and it's not ugly.

This Shattered World (Starbound #2
This Shattered World (Starbound, #2) by  Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
The posing is weird but other than that, this is a cool cover.
Link to These Broken Stars (book 1)
Link to This Shattered World

A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird #1)
A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird #1) by Claudia Gray
I LOVE this cover! The watercolor effect is beautiful as well as the cities!
Link to A Thousand Pieces of You

The Missing (The Lost #2
The Missing (The Lost #2) by Sarah Beth Durst
The text is weird, but that's my only complaint.
Link to The Lost (book 1)
Link to The Missing

The Blood of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus #5
The Blood of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus, #5) by Rick Riordan
I'm not quite sure what I'm looking at, but oh well, it's a good cover for the series.
Link to The Lost Hero (book 1)
Link to The Son of Neptune (book 2)
Link to The Mark of Athena (book 3)
Link to The House of Hades (book 4)
Link to The Blood of Olympus

Endsinger (The Lotus War #3
Endsinger (The Lotus War, #3) by Jay Kristoff
Love it! It both looks badass and it matches the other covers!
Link to Stormdancer (book 1)
Link to Kinslayer (book 2)
Link to Endsinger

A Darker Shade of Magic (A Darker Shade of Magic #1)
A Darker Shade of Magic (A Darker Shade of Magic #1) by Victoria Schwab
It's an okay cover. I don't hate it, but I'm not impressed by it.
Link to A Darker Shade of Magic

In the Afterlight (The Darkest Minds #3)
In the Afterlight (The Darkest Minds, #3) by Alexandra Bracken
Okay, it matches the other covers, but WHAT AM I LOOKING AT???
I think it's a leaf? But it looks kind of like a lime? Seriously, what is that?
Link to The Darkest Minds (book 1)
Link to Never Fade (book 2)
Link to In the Afterlight

So, which one is your favorite?

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