Tuesday, May 13, 2014

REVIEW: Immortal by Gillian Shields

Immortal (Immortal, #1)
Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies, housed in a Gothic mansion on the bleak northern moors, is elite, expensive, and unwelcoming. When Evie Johnson is torn away from her home by the sea to become the newest scholarship student, she is more isolated than she could have dreamed. Strict teachers, snobbish students, and the oppressive atmosphere of Wyldcliffe leave Evie drowning in loneliness.

Evie’s only lifeline is Sebastian, a rebellious, mocking, dangerously attractive young man she meets by chance. As Evie’s feelings for Sebastian grow with each secret meeting, she starts to fear that he is hiding something about his past. And she is haunted by glimpses of a strange, ghostly girl—a girl who is so eerily like Evie, she could be a sister. Evie is slowly drawn into a tangled web of past and present that she cannot control. And as the extraordinary, elemental forces of Wyldcliffe rise up like the mighty sea, Evie is faced with an astounding truth about Sebastian, and her own incredible fate.

Gillian Shields’s electrifying tale will dazzle readers with suspense, mysticism, and romance.

The Run-Down
Evie Johnson's Grandmother is sick.
And with no other options, Evie gets to become the new scholarship girl at Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies.
Turns out that she's filling in the spot for a girl that recently died, there's a mysterious boy, and she keeps seeing a girl that looks very much like her!
What is the secret at Wyldcliffe?
*dramatic music*

This book reminded me of A Great and Terrible Beauty.
They both involve boarding schools.
They much involve magic.
And They both involve girls messing with magic.

I wasn't a big fan of A Great and Terrible Beauty.
I gave the book 3 stars (which means that I liked it) but I found the characters unlikable.
Same thing with this book.
I cannot think of a single character that I remotely liked.
Most of them I saw as insane, evil, or complete idiots.

Evie falls under the idiotic category.
There were many things that Evie did that I didn't quite understand why she did them. In all honesty, I can't really elaborate without giving away spoilers.

I do consider The Romance idiotic.
So a mysterious boy almost runs who over with a horse, and of course she falls in love with him!

Yeah... The Romance was a major problem for me.
Mysterious guy won't tell Evie anything about him, yet she will risk herself to be with him?
And where was the romance? What Evie and "Mysterious guy" had was not romance. Its one of those relationships that makes you think "what do they see in each other?" or "What in the world is going on here?"

Lastly, some parts of the story seemed extremely obvious.
There was a diary entries throughout the book from a girl named Lady Agnes. She called a boy in the diary entries S. (even though she called everyone else by name). Do you know who S. could possibly be? (hopefully you do)
There were many more obvious things like this and while some of them were obvious thanks to the diary entries, there were others that Evie should have been able to figure out.

I'm not a huge fan of the book.
The characters were unlikable, the romance was stupid, and the story was predictable.
If you really really liked A Great and Terrible Beauty you might like this book.
If not? You might want to stay away from this book.

I will mention that even though I didn't like this book very much, I will attempt to continue the series.

I hereby give this book
2 Wheels
Meaning: It was okay.

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