Monday, January 6, 2014

I'm a Pitiful Blogger

I have realized that I have not posted on this blog since December 7th, which was a month ago.
And I quick look at the Archive shows that I hardly posted at all since I first started this blog.
(2 posts in November, 9 in October, and so on) 
And a majority of these posts are just memes. Nothing original.

And. I. Am. Ashamed.

I started this blog a few Septembers ago and, I admit it, I was not ready to start a blog.
I was bored, just started following blogs, and decided that it would be fun to start my own.
It just seemed so easy.
But it's not easy starting a blog and I wasn't willing to go through what it takes to start one.

This year, though, as my New Year's Resolution, I have decided to revive this blog. 
The difference this time is that I am willing to try.
This blog has 40 followers and hardly any posts whatsoever, but I want to bring this blog into existence.

So, my few followers, I intend to get out of my "cone of shame" and make this pathetic blog a less pathetic blog.

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