Sunday, August 25, 2013

REVIEW: In the After by Demitria Lunetta

In the After (In the After #1)
They hear the most silent of footsteps.
They are faster than anything you've ever seen.
And They won't stop chasing you...until you are dead.

Amy is watching TV when it happens, when the world is attacked by Them. These vile creatures are rapidly devouring mankind. Most of the population is overtaken, but Amy manages to escape—and even rescue “Baby,” a toddler left behind in the chaos. Marooned in Amy’s house, the girls do everything they can to survive—and avoid Them at all costs.

After years of hiding, they are miraculously rescued and taken to New Hope, a colony of survivors living in a former government research compound. While at first the colony seems like a dream with plenty of food, safety, and shelter, New Hope slowly reveals that it is far from ideal. And Amy soon realizes that unless things change, she’ll lose Baby—and much more.

Rebellious, courageous, and tender, this unforgettable duo will have you on the edge of your seat as you tear through the pulse-pounding narrow escapes and horrifying twists of fate in this thrilling debut from author Demitria Lunetta.

I feel left out in the way that everyone else seems to love this book.
Did I like this book? Yes. Did I love it? No.
I see this book as being separated into two parts:

Shows how Amy survived "the After" so far and how she discovered Baby (A little girl). I enjoyed this part. I liked hearing about how Amy survived this new world and how she and Baby became sisters to each other.
While reading the first part, I thought I just discovered a new favorite.


Part two is much larger than part one.
This part takes place after the rescue and it shows how life is in the utopia of New Hope.
This part also switches in a way that it shows what is happening "presently", after the rescue, and what will happen in the future.
I found this really interesting. I kept flipping the pages because I had to know howAmy got to that point! 

What made me not enjoy the 2nd part is hard to tell. Was it the predictability? The dragging on? Maybe a little bit of both.

Another thing that I would like to mention is that there is a "romance". I put that in quotations because I was never quite sure if the feelings were of the romantic type. There was one kiss and then there's absolutely no mention of it again and no hint of anymore romance. I just think that it might have been better if there was no "romance".


I actually did enjoy most of the book but I just couldn't put myself to like the 2nd part. 
I will be continuing this series!

I hereby give this book...
3 Wheels!
Meaning: I liked it, but it wasn't quite amazing.

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  1. I've heard a lot about this book, but I've been a little unsure. I really don't like it when books feel like they're broken into two parts! I always end up likin the first part more!! And nice point about the "romance". Sometimes books would be better if there wasn't any! I might have to pick this book up! Great review!!