Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Turn-Offs

Hosted each week by The Broke and the Bookish, it's a meme for listing the top ten for everything bookish.

With a lot of these books, I will still pick up the book anyway, just to give it a chance, but these "turn offs" makes it much more less likely that I will ever eventually read the book.

*In no certain order*

1. "Perfect for fans of Hunger Games/Twilight!" (and other variations of this)
I have a huge dislike towards Twilight, but love the Hunger Games.
With Twilight it's obvious, I am not a fan of Twilight so why should I read a book recommended for Twilight fans.
With The Hunger Games, It's the fact that most books that say things like "The next Hunger Games!" I usually end up not liking it. (A recent one I read was: Glow)

2. Shirtless Guys on Covers
I really hate it when there's a shirtless guy on the cover of a book. Not only does it disgust me (keep in mind that I am an innocent teenage girl), but it gives people the wrong idea of the types of books I read. I actually almost didn't read City of Bones because of this.

3. People Kissing on Covers
I'm weird in a way that i'm okay with kissing in books but I can't handle seeing it in real life  If I see a movie and people kiss each other, I have to look away. And again, it gives people the wrong idea.
One amazing book that has this but I ended up reading anyway was The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight.

4. New Adult
A major reason why I stay away from these is the fact that many of them have those covers that I mentioned above, but a lot of New Adult seem to be really... steamy. While some people like steaminess in books, I DO NOT! It makes me blush like crazy! (Innocent teenage girl!) 

5. Obvious Love Triangle in Blurb
I am not a fan of Love Triangles. If there is a mention of two obvious love interests in the blurb, I will most likely turn away.

6. "I'm actually *insert extremely large age here*"
Meaning that the love interest in the book is actually over 100 years old! I obviously don't actually know this until I actually read the book, but it causes my opinion of the book to drop.

7. Forbidden Romance
This has been done way too many times. I am getting sick and tired of it!

8. Insta-Love
Do I honestly need to explain this?

9. Way Too Much Romance
(Wow! I'm on a romance hate-fest!)
This really bugs me when the romance distracts the plot. Like, for example, the couple are supposed to be running for their lives or saving the world but are making out instead.

10. Surprise! You're Not Human!
Books where the main character finds out that they're a paranormal creature.
I used to like these kind of books but lately there has been way too many of them!
And it also annoys me because I haven't gotten this surprise.

Well, I'm sorry about my mini-rants!
But what are your book turn-offs?


  1. Your list is awesome!
    I am right with you on pretty much all of your picks! Cheese ball covers are just such a turn-off. And insta-love? BIG SIGH. It's just so overdone.

  2. LOL at #2 and #3. I agree, sometimes we want to read it and the stories are pretty good, but the covers and titles makes us kinda embarassed to bring the books out in public. I experienced this myself when bringing Anna & the French Kiss out because people would always stare at the title and I don't want them to get the wrong idea about the book :))

    Tirta @ I Prefer Reading

  3. Gah shirtless guys on covers/kissing covers are so embarrassing. If I can't read a book in public because of a goofy, gross cover like that, then I am very unlikely to pick up your book. Sorry!

    Pretty Deadly Reviews

  4. I hate the almost-kiss on covers too, but for a different reason—it's so overdone! So many covers these days are so unoriginal, and look exactly like 50 other covers I've just seen.

  5. Okay first off Statistical is AMAZING!!! Love that book! :) Second of all, awesome list! I agree with the whole New Adult, shirtless guys, and kissing couples being waaayyy to awkward. Some teenagers love that stuff.....It has been established that I am not one of those teenagers... Anyhow, nice job!
    My TTT

  6. Ha ha, shirtless guys on covers make me SO embarrassed to be caught reading it. Like, really embarrassed.
    And the "I'm actually x old age" thing hints at vampires, so do you mean vampire books? ;D
    Awesome creative list! :D

    My TTT